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The growing popularity of electric vehicles has resulted in the introduction of a wide range of models and designs. In many places throughout the world, electric scooters and electric bikes are already commonplace.

As more people seek environmentally friendly modes of transportation, the market is becoming more diverse. The electric unicycle is also a part of the electric movement, with a basic style that sets it apart.

Here before we go with the comparison between the Electric Scooters and Electric Unicycle, let us discuss both in short.

Electric Scooters

Whether it’s for going to work, moving to the store, or simply having fun you will always be looking for some personal vehicle, which will help you to ride easily. For your this demand there are Electric Scooters available on the market. When it’s too far to walk yet too short to drive, these contemporary modes of transportation are ideal. They’re fast and silent, and they’re also much more portable than bikes.

Electric Scooters are available with various features in the market according to the need for customers. They vary in speed, range, design, capacity of carrying weight and some other features.

Electric Unicycles

Electric unicycles (EUCs) are the latest addition to the world of portable battery-powered vehicles such as electric scooters, hoverboards, and electric skateboards. Electric unicycles are one-wheeled vehicles with a motor, battery, and other electrical components. The rider stands between two pedals, one on each side of the wheel. Padded seats are available on certain unicycles, making long rides more pleasant.

Electric unicycles, unlike electric skateboards, do not have a remote control.
We have discussed the Electric Scooters and Electric Unicycles individually. Based on their speed, range and charging time. From this we get to know that they vary in design but are similar in their work. Providing the riders a wonderful ride is the ultimate aim of these electric boards.


Now, let us compare both Electric Unicycle and Electric Scooters on different aspects.

Electric Scooters and Electric Unicycle difference based on Design


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It is clear that the designs of both the vehicles are different from each other. Electric Scooters have the handlebars for support whereas electric unicycles don’t.
Due to the design and handlebars that make navigating considerably easier, electric scooters can be classified as stable and secure vehicles. On the other hand riders on electric unicycles must maintain a decent balance while accelerating and decelerating by leaning forward and backward.

Even though electric unicycles have the same technological elements as other electric vehicles (they have an electric motor, controller, and battery), they demand more expertise and attention while driving.

Electric Unicycles are totally based on Self-balancing, whereas Electric scooters have balancing wheels which help riders to ride easily. The design of Electric Unicycles is more attractive to the riders than of Electric Scooters.

Based on Rides

When it comes to riding, both electric vehicles, having the linked riding experience and safety features . The electric scooter carries handlebars, and two wheels which all contribute to a steady and safe ride. The electric scooter has better control over the vehicle and a more developed brake system.

On the other hand the Electric Unicycle carries one wheel and it totally depends on the concept of self balancing, if you are perfect at balancing then it will be easy for you to ride in an electric unicycle.

You may enjoy the rides in both the vehicles but riding in an electric unicycle is more stylish then in electric scooters. As some people buy these vehicles only for fun. But if you are willing to buy these vehicles for some serious purpose, then you definitely prefer the comfortable.

It may be possible for you to choose electric scooters rather than electric unicycles, when you don’t know the technique of self-balancing.

If you are perfect in self-balancing concept then the ride in an electric unicycle is more fun for you and enjoyable also.

Naturally, you must pay close attention to the vehicle you are travelling in on your own to avoid any unforeseen irregularities or changes on the road.

Based on Range and Speed


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Both vehicles are more than capable of transporting a person over short distances, but scooters often have a range and speed advantage over unicycles. This range and speed might vary greatly amongst cars, therefore this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

The speed of an electric scooter or unicycle is determined by the model you purchase. Some models can reach speeds of up to 15mph (24kph), while others can reach speeds of over 50mph (80kph).

The peak speed obtained is almost unimportant because reaching such speeds consistently within a city is difficult. The roads are uneven, the paths twist and swirl. It’s wonderful to know that your car has a lot of power – even if you only get to use it once in a while.

Balance matters more

The basic difference between these two vehicles is the ability to maintain balance. We can all agree that riding an electric unicycle is more difficult than riding an electric scooter.

It may appear simpler to maintain your balance on a unicycle once you’ve learned to ride one. But it’s congested locations that scare, where you have to steer quickly and brake quickly if necessary. When you brake without handles, your entire body goes forward. To offset that forward movement, you’ll need to modify your position.


Electric scooters and electric unicycles are pretty close in terms of price. It all depends on the type of car you desire, as well as the power, design, range, and other features you want.

Unicycles can be a lot of fun for certain people, but electric scooters provide a more full experience for almost everyone. Their design allows for a simple (and enjoyable) riding experience.

Merits and Demerits of Electric Unicycle and Electric Scooters

  • Electric Unicycles are found less heavy than Electric Scooters.
  • Electric Scooters are folded easily but are quite heavy to carry, while on other hand Unicycles are very small and can be carried easily.
  • Range and Speed of both the electric vehicles are approximately the same.
  • Buyers Guide for Electric Scooters


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    While doing the comparison between the electric scooter and electric unicycle you must have an idea about the buying aspects for these electric vehicles which will help you to sort the things more properly. So, here we come up with one by one discussion of buying electric vehicles. Let us start with Electric Scooters.

    When looking for the electric scooters to buy, you must look into some important factors before the selection and that are-

  • The cost
  • The Speed
  • The Range
  • The Quality of Ride and more.Let’s talk about these in detail
  • The Cost

    When you are looking for an electric scooter then you must be aware of your budget. Your buying must require your budget friendly environment. You must select the Electric scooter that has the entire required feature and is according to your budget.

    The Speed

    Speed demon, how fast do you want to go? When answering this question, make sure to choose a scooter that can keep up with you, but also consider weather conditions and safety. Most electric scooters have a top speed of roughly 20 mph, but you may not need to go that fast. The Model One’s top speed is 17 mph.

    The Range

    The amount of time it takes to charge an e-scooter is determined by its battery life. If you’re commuting long miles on your electric scooter, you’ll want to make sure that a full charge will at least get you there.

    You should also consider how long your scooter takes to charge and how portable the battery pack is. The Unagi Model One has a range of 15.5 miles and charges in approximately 4–5 hours.


    Choose an e-scooter with a stylish style. The scooter, like the Unagi Model One, has everything encapsulated in the handlebar, unlike some scooters that have messy wiring.

    The Unagi Model One’s folding shape makes it easy to transport and store, and all of the functions are right at your fingertips. You may also change the colours of your scooter to match your particular preferences.


    Not all e-scooters come with a reliable guarantee, and buying directly from a foreign nation should be avoided at all costs. On Amazon, there are also a lot of inexpensive scooters that don’t come with a warranty to safeguard your investment. Electric scooters from Unagi, on the other hand, have a one-year warranty. And if there is a problem with the scooter during the first three months, we will replace it with a fresh new one.

    Buyers Guide for Electric Unicycles


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    Here we are with the buying guide for the electric unicycle. Before the selection of the electric unicycle


    Electric unicycles have the highest learning curve when compared to other electric rideables. While you can go around on a “hoverboard” or standard Segway in under an hour, it may take a day or two of trial and error before you feel comfortable on one of these.

    A safety tether will save your unicycle from a scratch-inducing tumble if you have to step off while learning to ride; you’ll also get a safety tether that will allow you to rescue your unicycle from a scratch-inducing tumble if you have to step off while learning to ride.

    Even when you’ve mastered riding, you should always wear at least a helmet. These unicycles can reach high speeds, enough to cause catastrophic harm in the event of a fall.

    Features that ensure safety

    Electric unicycles are generally considered to be safe. These self-balancing devices, like any other motorised vehicle, pose inherent concerns. The quicker you go, the more difficult it will be to catch your breath. As a result, ride at a speed at which you’re willing to tumble.

    Many current Electric Unicycles have safety features such as a low battery indication and sudden stop protection. Instead of suddenly halting, this slows down the speed until totally shutting down.


    The distance an electric unicycle can ride is determined by your body weight, driving style, road conditions, and sometimes even the weather. The majority of entry-level unicycles have a range of 15-20 miles. Electric Unicycles, on the other hand, may travel up to 40 kilometres on a single charge.


    Smaller Electric Unicycles contain a 130-watt battery, which is ideal for toddlers, novices, or when you only need to go a short distance. Higher speeds and range are possible with a high-powered battery that can deliver 700-800 watts.

    So, what will you do with your electric scooter? If you plan to use it on a regular basis, a higher-powered electric unicycle is recommended; however, if you simply want to learn and travel short distances, a lower-powered electric unicycle will suffice.

    Wattage of the motor

    The motor watts stated by the manufacturer indicate how much continuous power the motor can handle without overheating. Short-term peaks that are substantially greater than the motor watt rating provided by EUC manufacturers are possible.

    Although the mentioned motor watts are a decent estimate of how much power your EUC will have, they aren’t the sole deciding element. The sustained power rating does not take into account how much power the control board can manage.

    It’s also crucial to have the right battery size in order to generate enough current. As a result, a motor rated for 2200 watts with a tiny battery pack and a poor control board will not perform as well as a motor rated for 2000 watts with a large battery and a reliable control board.

    However, the higher the motor watt value, the more power the EUC will have and the faster it will be able to operate.

    Additional Features

    Additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, and waterproofing also play an important role in the selection of the Electric Unicycle in today’s era. These are some features which become all common like others.

    Bluetooth connectivity is necessary in the electric unicycle as it indicates the newness of the Electric unicycle and also it will help you with the new comfort. Connection with mobile apps is also available on some of the brands of Electric unicycle. Go ahead with this feature also while purchasing the EUCs.

    LED lights are one of the most common things which everyone looks for. It helps you in riding in a proper manner. Also it highlights the advanced feature of your electric unicycle.

    Final Thoughts

    Electric scooters are simple to ride and provide a convenient way to go about town. On the other hand, Electric unicycles are more fun, although the learning time is a little higher. Electric unicycles can only be used as last-mile transportation, whereas electric scooters may be utilized for the entire journey.

    The range, speed, and safety are the key benefits of electric scooters over electric unicycles.

    Our Thoughts

    In our pursuit of covering safety measures pertaining to a hoverboard, we have tried to set forth all the potential dangers. Here you must have found the answer to the major question: Are Hoverboards Safe? We hope you liked our rundown on safety measures. Send your reviews to us if, we love it.

    Finally, good luck with your hoverboard, and stay safe.